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Good animation

Stop the audio at the end of the animation or it causes it to start again as it's looped, so there's too much to listen to in the background and it is just generally annoying then.

However it's a good animation, Well drawn with a well thought out idea in it.

Nice Job

A pointer on the music: It is my music so i think its a joke and it's an old track of mine. Either Electric monkey or electric monkey F1X3D. Now to the flash
- Nice Style can see you took a bit of time to work on making the into of the track fit into my track
- Can see you doing flash at a higher level at some point.
- The shapes are simple and the person needed a bit of work on the facial features and body

Other than that good job!
PS you did kind of screw up on the audio artist bit, you sent it to my profile not the audio page, just as a pointer
Great Job!

A track by some1 else

Weird al yankovic! You failed to mention his name! This is just a flash remake of 'white and nerdy'

That was dirty

Do not ask me why but that was brilliantly filthy especially those beetles and that grandmother. My lord why do you make such dirty stuff. Still tho its excellent

Exellent =)

it be me again. Is good toon. Keep up make a spoilsbury toast boy -2 next. Its excellent especially the beetles and the granny. I nearlly pissed myself when that hag shot out of the jar. It's what made it sooooo good. =)


No! Exellent movie no dobt about it but... it never ends!!!!!!!!

Scary..... Not

it is a great cartoon by David Firth. I enjoyed it but the only bit i din't get was the 2 salad fingers. Now that was kind of freaky. But overall it was excellent

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