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Good animation

Stop the audio at the end of the animation or it causes it to start again as it's looped, so there's too much to listen to in the background and it is just generally annoying then.

However it's a good animation, Well drawn with a well thought out idea in it.

Nice Job

A pointer on the music: It is my music so i think its a joke and it's an old track of mine. Either Electric monkey or electric monkey F1X3D. Now to the flash
- Nice Style can see you took a bit of time to work on making the into of the track fit into my track
- Can see you doing flash at a higher level at some point.
- The shapes are simple and the person needed a bit of work on the facial features and body

Other than that good job!
PS you did kind of screw up on the audio artist bit, you sent it to my profile not the audio page, just as a pointer
Great Job!

A track by some1 else

Weird al yankovic! You failed to mention his name! This is just a flash remake of 'white and nerdy'

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I can't play it

Simply because IT RESETS THE BOARD!

I can't complete a puzzle in 5 seconds when it keeps resetting!

Please check that error out and fix it!

But good graphics


Make more please, this is fantastic. Mostly correct to the first level of "The Ultimate Doom." Although there was the super-armour missing from the toxic lake it was fantastic. If you make more I can't wait


This is really good. I like the new enemies and the new power ups. this is much easier to play as there is no set number of enemies per level. This is a good game!

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Hmm, clever spin

The gaps between the pads at the begining I didn't like, it lacked smoothness which is what I'd sort of expect of an oxygen themed track. Yes the swirls in the back sounded great around the pads they were just not smooth enough

The bass and the hi-hat were overpowerful to begin with and just took the effect down. But the drum beats brought some of what you lost on the track back again.
It just needs something extra to bring it to the track it deserves to be. Sometimes less is more, and I learnt that, but here more is needed. Something like a synth.

It loops well though. But that and the drums are the only really good bits about it. It was just too rough overall

C3 - 2011

Notes for AC-130

Retro went to number one on here a few years back. People just generally loved it. He struck a chord for people here to remember older music styles and brought them up into now.

Unfortunately, here and now the start is out of place, though it sounds very good it lost it's original edge you had many years ago. It just lost that feeling at atmosphere the original had.

However the break into a world outside the begining bass made a little 'rememberance' atmosphere come in and the build up kicks in and yes the sounds sort of work, it's just not the same retro of yesterday.

Unless this is trying to modernise it, I'm afraid the original still gets top marks. Keep going though and reach the top when you can.

C3 - 2011

Not that brilliant

It won't set the world on fire. If the points I mention in the next paragraph aren't fixed in time for the real thing, it'll fail.

Too repeatative, same sounds, same melody, same drum beat... I don't care that its a sample. A sample should be like a showcase to make people go wow and give you loads of reviews and downloads and a better score. This lacks that wow factor. Also as Axe says it is a bit random and jumpy and no-one on here likes that unless it's well hidden somehow. In this case it's disproportionate. Smoothen note changes out.

Work in different melodies and check whats already out there at the top of the genre and work from there. That's the way to succeed, they all got there for a reason... And it's not saying 'You suck' to everyone or use the work 'crap' every line. You only make enemies doing that.

AxeFX below was telling you about what's wrong with the track at the moment for a low score. It was bigheaded to say and I quote 'IM BETTER THAN YOU AND MOST PEOPLE WHO START OFF WITH MUSIC. ' Let yourself down, your new yes. Doing that means you think of yourself too much. Way too much and that too means you will easilly make enemies.

Learn fast or you'll fall.

In the case of this song I feel the 3 is more than justified. It needs quite a bit of hard work and graft to do well. It needs a lot of improvement. I normally help out starting artists too. I have done in the past with advice. One artist got a number one here that I helped out. It's reviews like the one you gave me that make me more reluctant to help as you have over hyped yourself.

Maybe a better track next time?


blackmage312 responds:

Least you did a better response >>. Im not mad at you ^^. But its just cause i was bored that i entrerd it on newgrounds to see people's opinions. Alot of people liked it, who i showed too. Knowing that it was not perfected, Nor finished for what it is now its better than what i expected it to be and im proud. So i dont care what people say if it sucks or not. It doesent suck, Not as bad as other at least >>

Thanks for the comment and i will get better, Least you did a respective and not so mean one. thanks. I even changed it up a bit and made it longer, i fixed the audio levels and stuff so, by the time i do finish it will not be as bad as this was, but its still good as a it is, Sort of.

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