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Sam Wood @C3NTAURI0N

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Posted by C3NTAURI0N - January 19th, 2011

Hey hey hey!

It's Not my new album. It's a new psytrance track I've thrown together. Hopefully it gets the same response that Harmonic Distorted had when I launched that 2 years ago... Sadly I can only say that people don't like it here, but I'm happier that it was more than accepted by my peers in the psychedelic world :)

Anyway, If anyone cares:

http://www.last.fm/music/C3NTAURI0N/Nu clear+Disaster+Zone it's a free track!

Look out for Great Western soon!

Sam C3 Wood

Posted by C3NTAURI0N - November 12th, 2010

Hey People!

Great Western is now 6 tracks down and will be on schedule for completion.

Not only that but I've found a lost mix of Alone in Endless space which I'm not sure what to do with it yet. Decide the fate of it at some point.

Tracks so far:

Alone In Endless space 2010
Alone In Endless space 2010 [Remix]
Great Western
Space Winds (Demo)
A Yard Of Scrap

Space winds will most likely stay as demo, or a loop so will lose the Demo tag.

Due for release December 2010... Like just after Christmas so 27th or 28th will be launch date for the first C3NTAURI0N works In 2 whole years... Well 1 year now that I've found that missing mix. But If not Launch time will be around new year. If not; I'll post on here how long the delay will be

Anyhoo, for any fan of mine that's reading this. Thanks for having faith that I'll return
Ah well...
Back to my Uni work I go or mebbe sleep.. or drink
Too Many temptations!
SW 13th November 2010

Posted by C3NTAURI0N - October 26th, 2010

I have officially completed Alone in Endless space 2010. With results that I am proud of.

However I won't be launching it anytime soon as I want to make more and Launch the album before 2011 so the pressure's on for a new album by then

Stay posted for more details

Posted by C3NTAURI0N - August 23rd, 2010

Well, congratulations to me on securing a place at Manchester Metropolitan University.

It means I'll be staying at home and hopefully producing new music very soon.

However, these will very soon become last.FM exclusive. I need to boost my ratings soon, just because I've not been arsed with music really recently XD

Planned tracks:-
Alone In Endless space 2010
I started it, then the file corrupted itself :( it was going really well and I'd spent about 5 hours every day for 5 days with saves to watch it destroy itself :( ... never mind, always start again

Playtek - Perdoem Me
When I heard a part of this in a youtube video with K_lapso and Playtek it made my head explode, did some searching, found his myspace and well, the full mix was up. OMG it is something to listen to over and over again and is EPIC!
I'm trying to match the melody up, now that i know the notes. Then hopefully BOOM.

That's 2 of the few I have planned, if anyone wants me to remake a track I've made within the last years (2008-2009 tracks) I'd give it a shot between shifts, family guy, CoD, booze and Uni so yeah.

That's all now, Stay tuned for my first real release in 2 years :O

Sam Wood

Posted by C3NTAURI0N - April 19th, 2010

Wow... pretty much 2 years without anything :/

Well, nothing new soon. I dont have the time at all, A levels and university.

Ah well maybe August time new stuff?

C3 2010

Posted by C3NTAURI0N - September 20th, 2008

Awesomeness... I have just got 2 videos (well i made them) of two track i made this year.

Harmonic Distortion & Alone In Endless Space 2008 have been put to a video in the same youtube fashion thats going around...

Here they are:

/* */

/* */

Posted by C3NTAURI0N - July 26th, 2008

Im 16 at last... too bad I had work at McDonalds...ah well!

Alone In Endless Space 3 will be launched as soon as I can be arsed to finish it... Im really tired at the moment

C3 -2008

Posted by C3NTAURI0N - July 5th, 2008

Well, Who remembers 'Crashing Waves' from 2 years ago?
If you don't, don't worry Here's the link


Well, another artist on here has produced a remix of it and It is absolutely fantastic. A damn site better than the original I must say. Listen and tell him what you think not me. I just want to promote it as it does have a connection to me. The new artist is DJB345T.

Crashing Waves REMIX

Posted by C3NTAURI0N - June 26th, 2008

Yeah, well I am almost back. I best explain the full story.


Fuck them now, all finished! :)
I had GCSE's to do which are probably one of the most important exams I will ever do. Then college is September so I now have 10 or 11 weeks to produce as much top quality music as I see fit!


There's another problem!

Oliver! (Theatre Show based on the book by Charles Dickens)

Yeah, I do theatrical work. I work back stage shifting scenery and being stand-in stage manager whenever I need to. This is a problem as it takes up my evenings from 6:45 onwards. By the time it's finished I am too tired to continue. It's only to Saturday this weekend.

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From Monday next week I shall continue production. That is to say if Audacity doesn't reset my computer!

Look out for my new productions!
C3 - 2008

Posted by C3NTAURI0N - June 10th, 2008

I have decided that Psytrance is the way forward for me. I made another psytance track about 10 minutes ago (before I made this Post) and I am happy with the results. Because of this Newgrounds WILL NOT be getting a copy - It is soley for Last FM (I will edit this post later with a link). There is to be NO DEMO either. You either Like Psytrance or You Don't it's that simple.


EDIT - Heres the Link ;)

http://www.last.fm/music/C3NTAURI0N/Ha rmonic+Distortion

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